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Society of American Foresters                                                                               International Society of Tropical Foresters
Associate Editors:

Forests and Forestry in the Americas: An Encyclopedia is a web-based encyclopedia, which will have approximately 300 separate entries, contributed by forest and natural resource scholars and experts. The audience for the encyclopedia generally will be persons not familiar with forestry, including the general public and students through graduate work, teachers, journalists, and professionals who want a brief summary of a subject outside their area of expertise.

The Society of American Foresters (SAF) and the International Society of Tropical Foresters are sponsoring this encyclopedia through cooperation with their working groups and members. We currently have about 115 articles posted on this site, and about 40 more in preparation. We are still seeking authors for more subjects that we have identified, or do consider suggestions from those who want to contribute.

Contributing to the encyclopedia:

The Entries:
The articles in the encyclopedia will range between 1,000 to 5,000 words. We will balance short, medium, and long essays, as well as disciplines, regions, and value perspectives of forests. The subjects of tropical to temperate forest in Latin America are likely to be of equal interest to all readers in the Americas, and a web-based encyclopedia should facilitate wider and cheaper distribution of the articles than a traditional book. Thus the encyclopedia will have a reasonable distribution of articles for each region. We will have some core, similar articles for all major regions—Canada, U.S.A., Central America, and South America. But we will avoid replicating the same technical subject titles in four different regions for the entire encyclopedia, so authors should try to write each technical entry broadly to cover the principles that might apply to all regions in the Americas to the extent possible. Subject categories identified are: countries and regions, forest biology and ecology, forest management, forest measurements and monitoring, forest ownership, tenure and social systems, forest policies and administration, forest products and manufacturing, contemporary issues, historical events, and leading figures.

Each author will receive credit for the entry. A title and a subject area/category are assigned, and a list of all entries will be available for reference. For the technical subjects, each author should write a summary of (1) the general definition of the entry; (2) the subjects and technical matters related to that title; (3) the principles of how this subject is used and applied in forests and forestry in the Americas; and (4) issues and developments in this technical field. A few titles may be similar (e.g., recreation), but should be differentiated by the focus on their subject area. (e.g., forest measurements vs. forest management).

For entries related to specific countries or regions, authors should (1) briefly summarize some data about the country; (2) discuss broad forest types; and (3) discuss current issues and trends in forest retention, management and protection. For historical events and people, a simple summary of their contribution to the discipline or to forest management should be adequate. For forestry issues, a balanced discussion of the implicit values and social forces causing such issues, the merits of different views, and prospects for future development seems reasonable. Entry authors do have considerable latitude, but these guidelines should provide a basis for first drafts that will meet the goals of the encyclopedia.

Review Process:
All entries will be undergo a sequential submission, review, posting, and further review process. Articles will first be submitted and reviewed by one of the Associate Editors or the Editor before being posted to the web site in initial form, perhaps with technical changes being required. Second, entries will be reviewed by colleagues who are contributing to the encyclopedia or by SAF/ISTF members for technical comments and suggestions. These secondary review comments will be provided to the for the authors to revise and update the article. The encyclopedia will use English as the preferred language, but Spanish or Portuguese are acceptable if appropriate for the entry and region. As such, grammatical correctness and editing are the joint responsibility of the author and the respective Associate Editor most familiar with the language and the subject matter. We will use the Journal of Forestry author (date) citation form, with alphabetic references at the end of the entries for cited works or for useful references.

Citation Format:
Works in this Forestry Encyclopedia may be cited as: Author Last Name, First Name. Year. Entry title. In: Forests and Forestry in the Americas: An Encyclopedia. Edited by: F. W. Cubbage. Society of American Foresters and International Society of Tropical Foresters. Accessed at: Date, month, and year accessed.

Timing and Contributions:
This work has been compiled since 2007. It is updated and maintained continually. We are continuing to post articles that have been submitted, and are seeking authors and articles to continue to expand our coverage and content. We have identified more than 300 subjects that cover much of the subject of forests and forestry in the Americas, and have articles or commitments for almost half of those entries.

A complete list of subjects identified for whom we are seeking authors is attached as a sub-page and listed on the attached spreadsheet below, or is available from Fred Cubbage for authors who want to contribute, or we will consider volunteer articles and entries.

Contact -- Fred Cubbage

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